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Sling training and Bungee training as seen on TV2 and Dagbladet TV

Watch the best female skiers in Norway working out using both Sling training and Bungee training

R.O.P.E.S® (Rapid Optimal Physical Exercise System)

A training concept developed in a Norwegian training environment, by trainers and physiotherapists, with a wide range of experience within body weight training.

Bungee-training® by R.O.P.E.S®

Bungee-training is a new, fun and exciting group training concept based on the use of the Bungee-training Cardio-band.


R.O.P.E.S® – Rapid Optimal Physical Exercise System – is a training concept developed in Norway, by professionals, with a simple philosophy; ROPES training is useful for both the untrained individual and any professional athlete! Slings, Bungees and slides combined with your own weight, and some great workout ideas, create a fun workout for all skill levels.

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"It should be your training that decide your equipment, not your equipment that decide your training!"

− Olav Rafoss, Founder R.O.P.E.S


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